Tuesday, May 21, 2013

*Blog Tour Stop* This Love of Mine By Amanda Bennett

"Love cannot be defined by age or time, but by the way that person makes you feel. He made me feel completely vulnerable, but vulnerability I have learned is a gift, one that I will gladly accept from Madison Raine."

Madison had irrevocably changed me. He opened me up to feel things I had never felt, and he never judged me for my past. In the short amount of time I had known him, I had fallen in love with him and everything he encompassed. He showed me how to live, how to enjoy life, but best of all, he showed me how to love. They say bad things happen to good people, well that saying rang truer to me now than ever before. Madison is gone. He is off at school in Arizona, and I just couldn't bring myself to leave with him. That was my first mistake.
See the thing about trouble is, it will always find you. Trouble found me the night he left, and that night forever changed me. Now I am fighting my way back, alone.

Leaving Kayla was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. To say I regret my decision to leave her behind, would be an understatement. My world shifted when I met her and I would forever be changed. Everything felt different now that I was away, everything with her at least. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I needed to go to her to find out what this feeling was, but would she trust me enough to tell me, and could I trust her to forgive me.

"When life, love and heart breaking circumstances stand to pull apart a bond so strong, what do you do without trust?"

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My feet left the ground with the strength of his arms pulling me up and into him. My arms instinctively wrapped tightly around his neck with the strength of a thousand men. I breathed in his scent and my lips grazed the base of his heated neck. He was here. He was actually here in front of me and he was touching me with those unbelievable hands. My eyes fluttered shut as his grip on my waist tightened enough for me to feel his excitement against my belly. I let a small knowing smile creep across my face with the knowledge that I still affected him so. When I could finally find the words to speak, beat me to the punch, as always.  ~Kayla

I jumped into my truck and started the engine, revving it loud enough to make my point. I threw it in reverse and gunned it out of that parking lot. I didn't need to look in the rear view mirror to know that I had left her standing there, hurt and most likely cryin', but if you're gonna try to f**k with the only relationship I had ever wanted, then I was sure as hell goin' to make you pay for makin' me lose it.   ~Madison


When I was Your Man- Bruno Mars
Blown Away- Carrie Underwood
Never Let Me Go- Florence and The Machine
You'll Think of Me- Keith Urban
Tonight I wanna Cry- Keith Urban
Must Be Doin Somethin' Right- Billy Currington
She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5
Sad- Maroon 5
Trust Me- The Fray
Trust In Me Now- Anthony Evans
When I look at You- Miley Cyrus
I Hope You Find It- Miley Cyrus
Lucky Now- Ryan Adams
That's What You Get- Paramore
Give Your Heart A Break- Demi Lovato
Desire- Ryan Adams
When It Rains- Paramore
Come Home- Ryan Adams
Bound To You- Christina Aguilera
Can't Shake You- Gloriana
Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
Somewhere Only We Know- Keane
Paradise- Coldplay
Poison and Wine- The Civil Wars
You Don't Know Her Like I do- Brantley Gilbert
I Don't Do Lonely Well- Jason Aldean
Fall Into Me- Brantley Gilbert
The One That Got Away- Jake Owen
Like Jesus Does- Eric Church
Wanted You More- Lady Antebellum
Alone With You- Jake Owen
Love Your Love The Most- Eric Church
She's My Kind of Rain- Time McGraw
I knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift
Highway Don't Care- Tim McGraw

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