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Plagiarism-A Note.

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work,[1][2] but the notion remains problematic with nebulous boundaries.[3][4][5][6] The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe only in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement, while in the previous centuries authors and artists were encouraged to "copy the masters as closely as possible" and avoid "unnecessary invention."

It saddens Me to learn that someone has taken my review and using it as their own.Do your own work.As I took the time to do mine.Don't be a THIEF!!! Im astounded that people think it is okay to steal another's work.Get a Life!

My review is HERE Which I Wrote on June 15th. (The person took the last section of it.)Sure said person could have taken more but the fact that they took any of it is wrong.

 (Book Strings Blog has nothing to do with this she informed me of this happening)

 Now if you will look in the Comment section you will see in comment 2 HERE

Belgie said...
Honestly This book was so worth waiting for..There are book that when you wait so long and get all hyped up and they are duds.This one is not.This is a MUST read.I hope to read more by this fact as per my usual begging I shall Beg for a sequel and another book pronto!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Across The Hall-NM Facile

Sylvia O’Mara has spent the last four years trying to get over her high school sweetheart, who after breaking off their relationship left town without any reasons. With the help of her friends she has moved on and started dating a mysterious bad boy. She isn't happy, but she's content; until she meets the new neighbor.

Quinn Lobato has recently moved to Minneapolis to finish college close to his parents. His mother found the perfect apartment for him close to campus and assured him it has everything he needs. Quinn has had his own hurtful past and is looking forward to starting med school and a new life.

Little do they know that what they each need is waiting just across the hall.


Major Spoilers In the 2nd chapter...Cover your eyes! :P

   Wow what a story!Across the Hall is a story about two people who are trying to get over their pasts.Little did they know how much they would need each other.I cannot even begin to imagine having the person who broke your heart,who you never got over move in across from you,but that is what happens to Sylvia.Meet Quinn..who single handily ruined Sylvia emotionally...He did have his selfless reasons I have to add.One must have a "Villian" in a book once in awhile and the Villian here is Beau.Beau is Sylvia's "boyfriend" and a bad boy who ends up stalking her.Beau is BAD.
   The Point of View goes from Sylvia to Quinn each chapter,I like this idea to a point.What I did NOT like was the fact that I read Sylvias Point of View and the next chapter had to read quinns take on the previous chapter..which basically made me feel like I was reading the same chapter twice the entire book.Everyone who reads this blog has to know..Im an Epilogue Girl...This Epilogue was one I did not enjoy.It was taken too far into the future.I would have been happy knowing they had a wonderful like and kids etc.I really didnt need to see them as Grandparents.I just think She took it too far into the future.To go from them being 22 respectively to suddenly grandparents in the Epilogue was a bit of a leap for me.
   I can respectively group this book with the likes of Jamie Mcquire and Colleen Hoover.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.It was YA MATURE novel.There is Cursing,Sex and lots of drinking in it..which totally makes for a pretty darn great book.You can Purchase Across the Hall  HERE on Amazon.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Life Next Door-Huntley Fitzpatrick

A gorgeous debut about family, friendship, first romance, and how to be true to one person you love without betraying another

“One thing my mother never knew, and would disapprove of most of all, was that I watched the Garretts. All the time.”

The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, numerous, messy, affectionate. And every day from her balcony perch, seventeen-year-old Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them . . . until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs her terrace and changes everything. As the two fall fiercely in love, Jase's family makes Samantha one of their own. Then in an instant, the bottom drops out of her world and she is suddenly faced with an impossible decision. Which perfect family will save her? Or is it time she saved herself?

A dreamy summer read, full of characters who stay with you long after the story is over.


   So I cannot tell you the months I have waited for this book to come out.I went to Amazon to do my usual checking..and much to my surprise there it was!Insert happy dance!This is the debut Novel by Huntley Fitzpatrick and what a wonderful story it is.
  The main characters in this book are Samantha and Jase,they are both seventeen and click so very well.I love how real Samantha and Jase are as a couple.The secondary characters,Jase's many siblings,his parents,Sams mother,Tim and Nan added so much to the book!Id love to read more about them.The conflict in the book..the right and wrong..Totally did not see that coming.Sam handled it very maturely..her mother is another story. Id love to continue writing about this content of the story but I prefer not to write many spoilers and ruin it for the reader.My only issue with this book was the price.At 10.99 for a kindle its pretty high.BUT that has nothing to do with the book and is a publisher thing.However it is totally worth paying that price.
   Honestly This book was so worth waiting for..There are book that when you wait so long and get all hyped up and they are duds.This one is not.This is a MUST read.I hope to read more by this fact as per my usual begging I shall Beg for a sequel and another book pronto!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keep Holding On-Susane Colasanti

A romantic and empowering book about bullying

Noelle's life is all about survival. Even her best friend doesn't know how much she gets bullied, or the ways her mom neglects her. Noelle's kept so much about her life a secret for so long that when her longtime crush Julian Porter starts paying attention to her, she's terrified. Surely it's safer to stay hidden than to risk the pain of a broken heart. But when the antagonism of her classmates takes a dramatic turn, Noelle realizes it's time to stand up for herself--and for the love that keeps her holding on.

Wow,What a great read!This book was about Noelle and Noelle's struggles with bullies at school,A neglectful Mother and new love.I dont know who was worse...Noelle's Mother or the kids at school.Both were bullies. Noelle is a strong young woman.I think everyone can relate to this book that has been bullied.I know I certainly could as my teen years were filled with it.This is my first read by Susane Colasanti and It did not disappoint.I will say it was a bit overpriced in my opinion for a kindle book at 10.99.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Top NO Particular order

Some of my top reads this past year...I know I havent listed them all.But here are a few.They are and I no particular order..I couldn't even begin to attempt to pick number slots.If you haven't had the joy of reading these books..what are You waiting for?Read them!Let me know if you liked them!I LOVE hearing from You!

Beautiful Disaster-Jamie Mcquire
Flat out Love-Jessica Park
That Boy-Jillian Dodd
That Wedding-Jillian Dodd
The Ocean-Mia Castile
Becoming A Butterfly-Mia Castile
Providence-Jamie McQuire
Untouchable-Lindsay Delagair
Geek Girl-Cindy C Bennett
Heart on a Chain-Cindy C Bennett
Sophie and Carter-Chelsea Fine
Cross My Heart by Katie Klein
Pride and Popularity-Jenni James
Sweetness(Bold as Love Series)-Lindsay Paige
The Vincent Boys-Abbi Glines
The Vincent Brothers-Abbi Glines
Breathe-Abbi Glines
Stained-Ella James
Branded(Fall of Angels Series)-Keary Taylor
Jessie Kirby-In Honor
Saving You,Saving Me-Kailin Gow

Love Rubi(censored version)-Eveli Acosta

 Rubi's life wasn't perfect. Whose is? But right before she starts the 6th grade her long standing best friend ditches her. She has a hard time accepting it but we see how strong her spirit is and her strength follows her when she needs it the most. Rubi's life and everything she understands about family and friendships changes once she's in high school. She is faced with having to make new friends and realizes that popularity isn't worthwhile. Rubi understands that she has to grow up fast to make it on her own. She tries to fill the absence of family with a relationship and she jumps into a relationship that ends badly before she truly understands what real love is.
Rubi's life leads her into finding the right friends and the right boy to love. Learning lifelong lesson's along the way. All of which is an adventure that she will never forget.

  First off let me say I highly dislike writing negative reviews...I debated for awhile whether to write this review or not.I came to the conclusion that I had to.From what I gather Rubi the main character has a hard life and you first meet her in the 6th grade and somewhat watch her grow up,
  What can I say honestly about this book other then how confusing it was and my gosh the drama.When I read a book I enjoy reading one that takes me away from life and lets me hop into the book.With this book I wanted to get out as quickly as I could.My major issues with the book are as follows.Number 1,I am not the author so I have no idea what is going on in the Authors when vital information is left out and I am left trying to figure out how something went from point A to Point C without going to Point B first its very very confusing.I got so tired of reading the story and reading so many inconsistencies,random things happening and feeling like I had been left out of the loop. Number 2,When your writing a book that deals with issues like parental abandonment do Not just brush over it or have the main character be so stupid to not even know what is going on.Come on...The girl was abandoned by her whole family and she doesn't know why?Number 3,How many "relationships" does one girl need?She sleeps with one hour later another guy..then in the next paragraph she is in love with another one.Then 2 chapters later she is with another guy etc...its like a revolving door.Last but not many errors..honestly I don't enjoy being nitpicky about errors..they happen..not a big deal.However my issues are with grammar.I also had a hard time reading when the characters were speaking Spanish and then right under the Spanish sentences in parenthesis was the English meaning.There were so many random things happening in the book.It was so frustrating that I gave up on it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Vincent Brothers-Abbi Glines

He may have given her up without a fight, but Sawyer Vincent is far from over losing the girl he’s loved all of his life. Instead of giving up his best friend and the girl he thought he’d spend forever with, he gave Ashton and his brother Beau his blessing. However, adjusting to seeing Ashton wrapped up in Beau’s arms isn’t easy. Complicating everything even more, Ashton’s cousin Lana is in town for the summer. Sweet, kind, soft-spoken Lana, who gets under his skin. Just being near her makes him forget all about Ashton and his broken heart. Lana is everything he wanted Ashton to be except she isn’t Ashton. She lacks the backbone to stand up for herself and confidence that Ashton wears like a crown.

Lana McDaniel has lived her life in her cousin's shadow. While Lana struggled with her grades no matter how hard she tried, her mother praised Ashton's intelligence. She hadn’t been blessed with Ashton’s blond hair and flawless skin, but that didn't keep her mother from lamenting her naturally red hair and freckles. But none of that would have mattered if Ashton hadn’t always had Sawyer Vincent wrapped around her finger -- the only boy Lana wanted. Once Ashton let Sawyer go, Lana had been so sure that he’d move on. Determined to make Sawyer finally see her, she'd talked her mother into letting her spend the summer with Ashton. But Sawyer is still in love with Ashton, and Lana isn’t going to be anyone's rebound girl. No matter how yummy Sawyer Vincent’s kisses taste.

    Abbi Glines has finally released the much anticipated,The Vincent Brothers. I have been on Pins and Needles waiting on It to release.It did not disappoint! I (whispers) may have enjoyed it more then I enjoyed The Vincent Boys.The Vincent Brothers picks up 6 months after Sawyer and Ashton break up. If you have read the Vincent Boys you know that Sawyer and Ashton broke up since she fell in love with Beau.Ash's cousin Lana visits over the summer and Sawyer while at first has not pure intentions towards Lana He eventually realizes perhaps what he had with Ashton was not what he was supposed to have.
     I truly loved getting to know Sawyer better..I LIKED that this was a new and improved Sawyer.In the Vincent Boys we really did not get to know Sawyer as well as Beau.Lana was great as well..she was a perfect fit for Sawyer.I liked that she knocked his socks off and didnt take any crap from him.Know what else I adored in this book?There was an Epilogue.I adore Epilogue's.It takes me to my happy place.Oh and Last but not least how awesome is the cover?It pops and is just gorg! I literally did not want to put my kindle down while reading.Finally..Abbi...please...I beg you..Keep writing..I need more of your books.

You can purchase The Vincent Brothers HERE I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!