Review/Beta Reading Policy


*Please Email me at 

*I review Young Adult(contemporary,fantasy,paranormal),New Adult(contemporary,fantasy,paranormal) and Contemporary romance(contemporary,fantasy,paranormal).

* I will need a Mobi,Epub or PDF file.

*Please allow me 1-2 weeks to finish Your Book.I Usually will not turn down a book If I have time to review it.

*I Beta read for authors as well.I have Beta Reading experience and love doing it.

*I would like to know what YOU the Author expect from me when Beta Reading.Please let me know.Do not feel like you are asking to much.
*I will do my best to Beta in a timely manner.
*I prefer PDF or Mobi formats when Beta Reading.

*If you would like it reviewed in places other then Amazon,Goodreads and My Blog please let me know.

*Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you!I look forward to it.

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