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*Review*Twenty Weeks By Melisa M.Hamling

August 8, 2011
'It's his too, Maya! What if he wants it? What if?' The little voice buzzed in my head, and just when I was about to turn away and run out of the clinic, my name was called.

Sixteen-year-old, Maya Rockwell, has it all: a new set of wheels, straight-A grades, and Alex, a hotter than Hades boyfriend with the personality of an angel.

When her best friend kicks off the biggest party of the school season, Maya and Alex jump at the invite for some innocent fun, certainly not the drugs and predatory older crowd they confront.

Maya barely escapes with her life: hers and another new one. She thought she had the answers, but in one terrifying moment, she can no longer pretend to be ignorant.

WARNING: This is a mature YA. Contains descriptive scenes not suitable for younger audiences.
Possible Spoilers
Possible Spoilers
Twenty Weeks is the story Maya Rockwell who gets pregnant and has to make some big decisions.She goes to a party where things go bad.I don't know where to start.Ive given this book 3 stars and I feel im being Liberal there.The blurb for the book is somewhat different from the book.Makes it sound more appealing.Stop reading if you do not want spoilers.Maya and Alex go to a party and are given drinks that are alcoholic and were told were not alcoholic.Then they eat candy that turns out to be ecstasy.Im not sure how in this day and age kids would not be so unaware of alcohol and drugs.In the blurb there is talk about a predatory crowd.Its one person.One single person.for like 2 seconds.That was a bit of a let down. I also had major major issues with the lack of character development.Getting pregnant at 16 is not ideal but for her parents to be all hunky dory about it and not even be a bit upset was very unrealistic.Then on top of that for Alex to accept this without any negativity is so unbelievable. I mean yes he is a stand up guy and that is amazing.But to not even question it for one second.I wasn't fond of Maya at all.I wanted to shout at them to grow up your both going to be parents now.I think if this book was re-edited and possibly rewritten to add a bit more character development it could be a 5 star book.But not until then.

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