Sunday, March 10, 2013

*Review* Monster ARC By Julia Sykes

 Monster(Impossible Book 1)
By Julia Sykes
Genre:Erotic Romance
My life was irrevocably changed that night. The night I was taken. I saved a man’s life, but at what cost to myself? Could I convince him to save me in return?

Pediatrician Claudia Ellers is jerked out of her own safe, secluded world and brought into one of danger and uncertainty on the night that she is kidnapped by Bradley Smith. He forces her to save the life of his best friend, Sean Reynolds, under threat of death. But when her task is complete, Sean decrees that she can’t be allowed to leave; she knows too much. Claudia is resentful of her captors, desperate to escape. But the more time she spends trapped with Sean, the harder she finds it to cling to her hatred for him. He is an enigma of a man, one who is shockingly arrogant, sweetly contrite, and frighteningly aggressive by turns. And the sexual tension between them is scorching. The longer she remains in his grip, the more confused she becomes about what she must do. Is her freedom worth betraying him?

Find out in Monster (Impossible #1), to be released 29 March 2013!

Warning: This book contains graphic language and scorching sex scenes involving BDSM.

Note: This is NOT a paranormal romance!

 *Possible spoilers(but to be honest nothing that isnt in the synopsis)

Whew,Monster is the story about Claudia and how she was kidnapped to save the life of Sean.Claudia has to deal with not only being captured and having to work under duress But the one thing that throws her for a loop falling for Sean.She struggles with the fact that he is her Captor and all she wants to do is tear his clothes off.Monster is a decently paced book.Not too fast but not too slow.Just right. I'll be honest I've read books where there was just to much eroticness (is that a word?) and not enough book.Monster has both Julia Sykes nailed it on the head and her writing is on par with the big names out there.I look forward to Book 2 in the Monster Series.Monster is the perfect start to this series.I look forward to seeing where Claudia and Sean go from here...Heck I just look forward to reading more from Julia Sykes.If you enjoy Erotic Romance then this is a series you are NOT going to want to miss.

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