Thursday, June 6, 2013

*REVIEW*Undeclared (A Woodlands Novel) By Jen Frederick

For four years, Grace Sullivan wrote to a Marine she never met, and fell in love. But when his deployment ended, so did the letters. Ever since that day, Grace has been coasting, academically and emotionally. The one thing she's decided? No way is Noah Jackson -- or any man -- ever going to break her heart again.

Noah has always known exactly what he wants out of life. Success. Stability. Control. That's why he joined the Marines and that's why he's fighting his way -- literally -- through college. Now that he's got the rest of his life on track, he has one last conquest: Grace Sullivan. But since he was the one who stopped writing, he knows that winning her back will be his biggest battle yet.

  I was given an ARC for an honest review

   This is the story of Grace and Noah.A Pen Pal assignment in high school  has Grace writing to a Marine name Noah.They continue writing for four long years.Then one day Noah breaks her heart in a letter.Grace is devastated.She knows she won't go through that again.Grace hopes going to College will solve her issues. Funny thing about College is apparently anyone can go and one day she runs into the one person that broke her heart,Noah.This is their story.
    I absolutely loved this story.From start to finish.In this day and age to have a pen pal you have never met is something out of the ordinary and I loved the thought of that.I loved the story about two people being in love and never having met.How great is that?Noah and Grace were both extremely strong characters.I loved the secondary characters and look very much forward to reading about Bo next.Noah is a fighter so it has that cool underground fighting theme.My all time favorite line in the book was when Grace was worried about Noah winning a fight and Noah told Grace that he would win because his opponent has T-Rex arms. photo tumblr_m92wj9RkCL1qa9auvo1_500.gifSeriously I was laughing so hard when I read that.Overall I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this book other then it had to end.I loved everything about it and think Jen Frederick did a wonderful job!

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