Saturday, April 7, 2012

Healing Hearts-Kim Watters

Bounced from one foster home to another, Sarah Churchill learned early that love is conditional and nothing is free. Not even the homeless dog she accidentally runs over.

Veterinarian Grant Morrison is a sucker for strays, both the four-legged kind and the two-legged kind. So when a redhead walks into his office with an injured dog, he does the only thing he knows how to do and stitches up the dog for free.

But Sarah has her pride. Determined never to be a charity case again, she won't accept the service and insists on working at the clinic to pay for the bill.

Can one man and one big, furry dog break down the wall of hurt and distrust and show Sarah the true meaning of happiness and unconditional love?


This book is super cute.It really makes your heart squeeze when you read about Sarahs childhood.Grant is just like the perfect guy as well.Its really a great read..No cursing at all in this book..its rare to find that.No sexual scenes either.

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