Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ever After-Heather McBride

 College freshman Corrine Whitmore has the perfect life, up until a tragic event at a campus fraternity party. She spirals into a deep life altering depression afterwards. A chance meeting with fellow student, William Darcy changes everything. The two are soul mates, and find the kind of love most people only dream about.
One problem though, Williams dark and dangerous past could make their future together impossible. Corrine and William will face obstacles of epic proportions to stay together and keep their love and themselves alive.
Nobody ever said living happily ever after was easy, but for William and Corrine it might just not even be possible.

**REVIEW**Possible spoilers

    I feel bad writing this review.I honestly tried and I failed to finish this book.I thought the summary sounded excellent and then I started reading it.I couldnt get past the writing;parts of it felt forced,there were times when it felt like the characters were in different time periods.I mean if you are a would learn to speak with the times.I had already figured out what William was prior to being told.There was a part in the book where Will has to save Corrine from an  evil ex boyfriend he says and I quote “Let her go if you don’t want to die right here!”I had the urge to say En Guarde and hand him a sword .The wording just felt so wrong..This guy is supposed to be scaring someone and I was not the least bit scared of him.Its throughout the book it felt so choppy.There was also a part where the Mom was brought back to life who had passed away when Corrine was 3 (I know this was a simple typo however it may confuse people).
    I don't enjoy writing negative reviews,I know this is just my opinion of the book.Perhaps others will enjoy it.I tried..I really did.I think it could be a great book I personally just think it needs edited and some of the word usage needs to be fixed.Also in the Chapters when you go back and forth between characters perhaps instead of having a huge (Back to Corrine's side of the story) A simple Corrine right about the writing under the chapter number.

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