Monday, April 30, 2012

Charity Moon-DeAnna Marie Kinney

 Charity Bell is eighteen, beautiful, and has an unyielding chip on her shoulder. The loss of her father and betrayal of her stepfather have left her angry and confident that no man will ever win her trust, or possess her heart. She wears that declaration proudly--on her countenance, as well as her sharp tongue.
That's all tested when the enchanting Levi Drake transfers from her rival school across town. In a town divided by intense rivalry this should mean trouble, and yet the school is quickly won over by his alluring charm. When a strange encounter with the mysterious young man leaves Charity bewildered, she's convinced he's hiding something and sets out on a dangerous plot to discover his secret. What she uncovers, however, will leave her both grasping for reality and hanging onto the tattered shreds of what's left of her declaration. As she faces the demons of her past, and present, she must decide if she can live, or die, with his.

  This is a cute paranormal read with Werewolves and Vampires.Charity is 18 year old senior in high school and her chip on her shoulder involves her fathers death and her Step Father who is a evil man.Levi transfers from the school across town and imagine if you will when Edward Cullen walks into the cafeteria and you have the total girl population's reaction to Levi.Except Charity.You go girl.Make him work for it.Charity eventually learns that the world is not how she knows it,She accepts it surprisingly well.I enjoyed Charity and Levi's relationship.
  Moving on,this book was very well written.Once I picked it up I was unable to put it down.There were times when I wanted to kick a certain vampires butt.I am hoping there will be a sequel to this as once it was over it was not quite over.If you want to purchase this book you can CHARITY MOON here. It is currently free as of April 29th 2012 VIA Amazon.

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