Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blood Moon (Howl Book 2) Jody Morse & Jayme Morse

Samara McKinley hasn’t even had time to adjust to being a shape shifter when her werewolf gene makes things even more complicated. Samara knew when she decided to become an Ima that there would be consequences. Things with her friends and family become tenser, and the dynamics of the Ima pack are changed forever. To top it all off, Jason Masterson wants to claim her life. Little does he know, she’s out for his, too.


   After reading Howl(Book 1) I read Blood Moon Book 2 in the series.Since I was beginning to get used to the writing of the authors what bothered me in book 1 was just a small annoyance that I was able to overlook to enjoy the book.In This story Samara has to figure out which wolf pack she wants to be in and with that choice loses friendships and family,Luke and Samara are still going strong.
   What I feel could use some work is Luke and Samara's chemistry..perhaps I have read to many werewolf books but I am used to this magnetic attraction..the I cant keep my hands off you type..which Luke and Samara lack.My other disappointment with this book is during the whole book there is a build up to a huge fight.They are in the middle of the fight something happens and the book ends in a cliffhanger.I personally was so disappointed..its like you have this huge build up and then the book just ends.I was quite disappointed at some point the book needed to have this fight and it never did.
   I would still recommend reading it..its .99 on amazon.I would read book one first..in fact you need to to understand book 2.

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