Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brave Enough to Shine-Laura Chatwin

Kendra Marshall is a shy conservative college student dying to break out of her shell. Ballroom dancing seems to hold the keys to making her brave. Could she be brave enough to dance?
For Zander Braves, a young rocker, judgements were passed on his looks alone. He strives to live a life outside the pressures the world holds. He prides himself on his ability to be his own person. How far will he follow his heart's desires? Could ballroom dancing live side by side with his rocker lifestyle?
Kendra is partnered with wild and edgy Zander, after signing up for tango classes. Tango brings passion to both their lives, but can they keep it together, or will their clashing personalities tear it all apart? Despite the judgement of others, can they hold it together long enough to shine?


    Where do I start?This book really had potential..I mean it really did.But it was like a baseball game and the batter kept striking out.The book was very jumpy from scene to scene from character to character.It was so random I really felt like I wasn't reading an actually published book.The characters..sigh.They had amazing potential and I kept waiting for the author to let them live to their potential but it was never there.They were supposed to be in love but there was no chemistry between them.In fact up until the end I as a reader wasnt aware anything was as if a whole chunk of the book was just unwritten.
    There were grammatical errors,misplaced words.Characters were just placed suddenly in the next chapter without an introduction were suddenly right there in center stage.Through all of this I plowed on...Honestly I was sad because of how much potential I saw with this book.It just needs better editing and better writing.Run on sentences and wording flow need work.It was quite frustrating though to read it and knowing that I had paid for it with all these issues it had.

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