Friday, October 25, 2013

*REVIEW* Twisted By N.L. Greene

By N.L. Greene

Growing up isn’t always easy. But for most teenage girls, they can rely on their best friend to help them get through the process. A BFF is something that is truly treasured and completely irreplaceable. You share all of your secrets, and are loyal and honest with each other, even when you’re acting just a little bit crazy. You have each other’s backs no matter what and you form a bond that is virtually unbreakable.

At least that’s what normal teenage girls experience.

Nat and Mel have been bestie’s since childhood and Nat has followed her blindly ever since. But as Nat’s friendship with Mel begins to lead her down the wrong path, she starts to question the sincerity of their relationship. Nat starts to see Mel’s manipulative, deceitful ways become more focused on her. Will Natalie hold on tight to the friendship she’s had her entire life, no matter what it cost her? Or will she let her heart lead her to a relationship that’s not so twisted.

***Attention*** This book is recommended for mature readers. It contains underage drinking, drug use and sexual content. Thank you!

3 stars

I was given a Copy for a Honest Review

       Twisted By N.L. Green is the story of Nat dealing with her best friend Mel who is a bad person.She puts Nat down all the time.She leads Nat in the wrong direction and is just a horrible friend.With friends like her who needs enemies?It gets worse with time leading Nat down a dark road.

     Gosh the blurb on this book was so good and left me wanting to read Twisted so very badly. 
Unfortunately when I did read it I had a hard time enjoying the book.For starters Mel is such a hard character to even read about.She was/is just plain evil and was there throughout almost the entire story.What I personally wanted to see was Nat stand up for herself and leave Mel behind and yet she would always come back to her.No matter how badly Mel talked to her she would practically beg to make sure they were still friends. It is so hard so very hard for me to read book where the main character does the things Nat did.She wasnt a strong girl and it showed.I would have preferred perhaps a few chapters of what Mel did rather then starting back when it all began.It was tedious and quite frankly unenjoyable to read about everything Mel did.

    I also think it might have been an information overload if that makes sense.It in my opinion needed to move along to the healing stage for Nat Quicker and it felt like when we finally did get there it was right at the end,so we never got to see that happy Nat.There was just honestly so much negativity in the book that I was left feeling down and depressed after reading it even though there was a HEA.I like to feel happy when I finish a book..Maybe the book and I just didn't mesh well.It happens.I will give it to N.L Greene though she wrote about a tough subject that many authors dont write about..Verbal abuse from a friend..not from a spouse or family member.Its a new one for me but it does happen.
    Let me finish by saying I do not like giving negative reviews.I hope N.L. Greene can gain some insight from my review or if she chooses just to brush it off to the side.I truly believe this can be a 5 star book but I do believe some things in it need to be changed in order to get it there.Once those few things are changed then watch out world!

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