Saturday, October 5, 2013

Celebrating Authors (Part Numero Uno):Cassie Mae,Komal Kant and Tiffany King

This post is Dedicated to ALL those Authors that have brought me book bliss.Its time to Recognize you all.Im going to be doing that in a weekly Blog Series.This is Part Numero Uno :) Oh and By the way.The authors have NO idea I am doing this..which makes it even better. :)

It takes a Special Author to Bring me what I call BOOK BLISS.You know that book that you want to hug at the end of it and stalk to author on facebook and tell her/him how much you loved their book..and OF COURSE beg them to never stop writing?Those moments when you read until your kindle dies than you suddenly cannot live without reading the rest of the book so you sit on the floor with your kindle charging just so you can finish the last chapter. I constantly talk about Authors that Bring me to the wonderful Book Bliss and I said..Squirrel...Its time to tell your people about them.Time to spread the word.So here I am spreading that Word. Than once I started actually thinking about it..there are quite a few that have done that so do not worry if your not up right away this is a weekly blog post that will feature different Authors each Week.

                               This weeks Authors are:                      Cassie Mae,Komal Kant and Tiffany King

                             My First Author to walk the Book Bliss Plank is....
                                              CASSIE MAE


She has written SO Many Many Awesome books and each one is better then the Next.She is my Go To Girl for a Males Point of View.Well My go too for reading.I mean Lets be serious..Cassie's Characters are amazing and normal everyday people you can relate too.I have yet to read a book from her that does not leave me with smiling like a fool and doing some Carlton Dancing.

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         The 2nd Author to walk to Book Bliss Plank is....

                                       Komal Kant


 Well She just writes Magically..Seriously.The ability to get have an author talk to you through the book and make you get lost in reading is something that is so inspiring. When you want to hug your kindle to your chest or need another tissue Komal is there for you.She takes chances with her books.Seriously.They won't disappoint you.

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The Last and Final  Author to walk the Book Bliss Plank for this week is....
                                            Tiffany King 

 Tiffany King has written so many books.My favorite so far are Miss Me Not,Waiting for Someday Soon and Forever Changed.Tiffany is able to write characters who don't always have that happy home life.She is able to write damaged Characters so very well.Miss Me Not was heart wrenching,Yet enlightening.Wishing For Someday Soon..that was a tear Jerker. Tiffany is able to balance it all in her books and come out on top.When I can feel my heartwrenching I know I have just met an amazing Author...Tiffany does that to me with her books.Which in  My Heart makes her an A+ Author in my eyes.

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