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Celebrating Authors (Part Duece) Featuring Amy Harmon,Autumn Doughton and Tara Brown

It's about that time for THREE More authors to walk to Book Bliss Plank..Those Authors for this week                                                                 are..Drumroll please... 

                           AMY HARMON,TARA BROWN and AUTUMN DOUGHTON

This is My Weekly post to celebrate Authors who have left me in book bliss and begging for more. You know the ones that make you ugly cry and the ones who you want to stalk to make sure they never stop writing?Yeah those authors.YOU.ALL.FREAKING.ROCK. Being a blogger has given me the awesome opportunity to meet and read for some amazing authors and this is what that post is about.Celebrating those awesome authors.Each week a different THREE will be chosen.Now sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that these Authors are and grab some of their books..I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.Oh and these awesome authors have NO Idea I've chosen them..SHHHH..::tip toes off the plank::

  The First Author to walk to Plank is ...Amy Harmon.

    Amy Harmon is the Author of several books.Those include A Different Blue and her Up Coming Release Making Faces more are linked below.Amy has constantly left me in Book Bliss with A Different Blue and Running Barefoot.She writes so passionately and it flows in her writing.She is one of those authors who I am constantly checking up on to see what she has in the works.Amy is on my list of books that never fail me.She is guilty of making me Ugly cry.Yes.She is.Did I mention she is  New York Times Bestselling Author and deems me worthy enough to talk too?Me..a mere blogger.She's awesome.Go check out her really will not be left disappointed.

Amy Harmon's Book's
TBR/Available for Pre-Order


Personal Links:

About Amy Harmon:

  Amy Harmon knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Amy Harmon has been a motivational speaker, a grade school teacher, a junior high teacher, a home school mom, and a member of the Grammy Award winning Saints Unified Voices Choir, directed by Gladys Knight. She released a Christian Blues CD in 2007 called "What I Know" - also available on Amazon and wherever digital music is sold. She has written five novels, Running Barefoot, Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue and coming October 20, Making Faces.

My Second Author to walk the plank is...AUTUMN DOUGHTON

Have you Heard of the Amazing Autumn?She is the Author of In This Moment,I'll be Here and On the Edge of Glass.Now I will start off by saying how happy I was the day I found her and read her books.I hugged my kindle to my chest and sighed.I wanted to hug Autumn.Her books left me filled with giddiness knowing true love exists and its not always perfect but finds its way home.I was lucky enough to Beta Read In This Moment and I can honestly say it was amazing even in Beta form.You know a writers full of awesomesauce when She can leave you in book bliss and book hangover with a book still in Beta form.People.You.Must.Check.Her.Out.  Her books never lead me wrong and that's a wonderful feeling.

About Autumn Doughton

My first love is reading. My second love is pizza.

Currently, I live in Gainesville, Florida and I write books. Fun books for you and your sister and your best friend and your hairdresser, etc. I think of writing as a sort of therapy, and the results tend to be feel-good odes to my lost youth, which is exactly how I like it.

When I'm not working or chasing after my two daughters, two dogs, two cats, three ducks, and one lovely husband, I can be found skulking around the movie theater or local bookseller. Generally with chocolate somewhere on my person, because I never leave home without a treat.

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My Third and Final Author to walk the plank...who is shaking in her books probrably after watching Amy and Autumn walk the plank is...
Tara Brown

My first introduction to Tara Brown's books was The Lonely.Simply put I was blown away.I then ventured on to her other books and have continued to be blown away.I love being blown away.Tara is so very talented.I laughed my way through My Side and was unable to move when I was reading The Lonely. It was worse during the Born Trilogy..I was at the edge of my seat continuously.Why does She does this to me? Because she can and she has that ability and that way with her writing skills...and She has some pretty nifty writing skills if I do say so myself.Go check Tara out..You will be thanking me once you do.

Be Sure to Check out The links below for her FULL list of books.

Oh and Tara has some of her books FREE right now :)
Cursed Is Free!!!
Death(Book 5) is FREE 
Personal Links:

About Tara Brown

I am not going to talk in the third person. It feels weird.

I am a Canadian author of Paranormal Romance, Post Apocalyptic and Fantasy novels. Mostly because I think I have Writers ADD, I like to call it WADD. It might be a real thing.

I write New Adult, my books have sexual content (Heck yes) and Swearing. You have been warned. Now enjoy!

I have a beagle named Buster, a husband who I force to read everything I write and two girls who want so badly to be a character in my books. And not in that order.

I am mid thirties so be prepared for the chick lit novel this year. I am calling it my Ode to my Midlife Crisis. 

I have been writing since I was old enough to lie. So for some time.

Welcome to my world. Please enjoy the ride.

This Concludes this weeks Authors..Stay tuned to next week to see who walks the plank in Next!

I want to take a minute to thank Everyone for reading this and the AMAZING AUTHORS for all their hard work.Writing isn't easy,It takes so much hard work and they make it look so easy and that in my book is an awesome Author.This one is for you and how simply amazing you are.You all get 2 Thumbs up from me!

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