Saturday, April 20, 2013

*REVIEW* Falling For Hadie By Komal Kant

Falling For Hadie
By Komal Kant 
Published March 7th 2013

Running away from his old life in New York City, Lincoln Bracks ends up in the small town of Statlen, Iowa. He isn’t interested in making friends or getting to know anyone. He just wants to keep his head down and disappear amongst the crowd. That was the plan anyway, until he meets Hadie Swinton.

Nursing a broken heart and the realization that the boy she’s loved her entire life isn’t Prince Charming, Hadie is set against ever falling for the same type of guy again. But when new boy, Lincoln, arrives in town, she discovers that this is easier said than done.

Hadie assumes that Lincoln is a typical arrogant jock—he is good-looking, confident and charming—but when he doesn’t do anything she expects him to, she is intrigued by him against her better judgment. There is definitely more to Lincoln then just a pretty face, but Lincoln is hiding something that he doesn’t want anybody to discover because when they do, they will never look at him the same again.

Falling in love was the last thing Lincoln wanted to do, so how will he convince himself to fall out of it?


 I was given a Copy of Falling For Hadie for an honest review.

    This is an extremely hard review to write.Emotionally, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when asked to read Falling For Hadie By Komal Kant.I feel as though I have been run through an emotional gauntlet.Had I known I would feel this way about this book or need a boxful of tissues I would have been better prepared.I was completely blindsided in a good way by how much this book hit me emotionally.Lincoln Bracks moves to Iowa and there he meets Hadie.Hadie is heartbroken from a previous relationship gone wrong and is anti-guys when Lincoln comes to school.Slowly they fall in love after many attempts not too.When you read this you will read about true romance and the true meaning of Living for the moment.

    Did you know My Kindle actually died on me due to me reading this book all day long and I literally charged it for 5 minutes so I could finish the book?Im not sure if anyone is aware of the trauma that induced.Here I am reading a book that I could not get enough of and my kindle dies.It was horrible.Falling For Hadie was nothing like I expected.I expected a regular YA romance but what I recieved was so very much more.Im so angry at myself for never having read Komal Kant's Previous book.Im am utterly blown away by the Talent that is Komal Kant.I feel like I need to go have a cry fest after reading this book.I do hope that Komal Kant will write another book for Hadie because I feel as though her story is not quite over and it would be a darn shame not to finish her story.I will say this.If you don't read this book then you are going to kick yourself.Its amazing.Komal,You have talent.The way you write is a breath of fresh air.I look forward to reading more by you and you will definitely be on my Favorite author lists.Thank you for writing this story.


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