Monday, February 4, 2013

*Review 5 Stars*Charity Rising(Charity Series Book 2) By DeAnna Kinney

In this fast-paced, two-part sequel Charity is finally settling into her new role as alpha female to the Drake pack. With Prom and Graduation approaching, this should be the best time of her life, but something is wrong with Levi—dangerously wrong. With his odd behavior growing daily and her now blackening connection symbol, Charity is spurred into action. It’s a race against time, and any delay could result in the death of the only man she can ever love. Can she save him in time? If so, will their undying love and a stronger-than-ever heart connection be enough to withstand the damage created?

This installment in the Charity Series is fully loaded with everything from unlikely alliances, battles and romance, to humor, mystery, and even betrayal, as well as a few other surprises along the way. You have officially been warned.

Charity Rising is book two in the Charity Series By DeAnna Kinney.Book two has lots of love in it,humor and a bit of wolf drama and LOTS of lipgloss.Let me start off the Good.I loved Levi and his whole alpha-ness and Charity..well she is pretty darn cool herself.They are almost done with senior year and already married.Charity and Levi are of course bonded.I loved Raven he's a pretty cool Vampire to stay with the Wolves.The not so good of Charity..While I love her character she bothered me a small bit.For instance..she was bitten by a wolf and Raven tries to save her.She is more worried about her shirt being ripped into two then the injury.Then she is bonded with Levi but when someone impersonates Levi she cannot tell that this isnt her Bonded mate.I guess just sometimes when the scene was serious Charity wasn't..but it did not hinder how much I loved Charity Rising.I have to say I laughed alot at Charities cooking and when Charity and Levi found out she was expecting.I havent laughed that hard in a long time.All in All a excellent book.Thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading about the secondary characters in future books.Well Done DeAnna Kinney!

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