Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Loving Sofia by Alina Man

Just before her last year of high school, Sofia Bianchi is forced by her mother to move to the States, leaving all she knows behind: her family, her friends, her safety. She knows her mom will make her life a living hell and now there’s no place to hide. Despite all, she finds solace in her new friend Ramona who is everything she’s not: confident, rich, and loved by her parents.
After college the two friends move together and things start to look up for Sofia. However, years of verbal abuse had shattered her confidence and she doesn’t feel worthy of happiness. Every day she puts her happy face on and goes through the motions with no expectations.
When her best friend starts dating Jonathan, Sofia doesn’t expect to fall for his best friend Mark. As time goes by her feelings for him only grow deeper but the fear of rejection keeps her from doing anything about it.
Mark knows he shouldn’t feel this way about Sofia but sometimes the heart has a different plan. When she starts dating Bradley, he is torn between telling her how he really feels and risking their friendship. Is he ready to risk it all?

   Sofia moves to a new town and meets her best friend Mona there.They become best friends and move in after college together.Mark is one of Sofia's Best friends as well and is in love with Sofia.Sofia's mother is apparently a woman who has degraded Sofia for her entire life.She loses her job and has to move in with Mark making for some interesting happenings.
   Loving Sofia was a decent read story.I loved that it was a straight forward romance.You did not have to worry to much about the characters and that was a breath of fresh air.I also liked that Mark and Sofia were such great friends.It was very predictable and I really at one point wanted to yell at the characters to grow up and state your feelings for one another.I did not expect the characters to be as old as they were either.I assumed they would be college age but they were well past that.Sofia's mom played a huge role in how she is now so I felt her mom should have been in at least one scene to make a scene but she never was.I as a reader never really felt that connected with the fact that Sofia's mom was verbally abusive and physically.It was missing that emotion.This book could also use a editor or proofreader as there were a ton of spelling errors and typos.It did not take away from the story but it was annoying.Other then that it was a good read and I would probrably suggest it to my friends.

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