Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exposing Kitty Langley By Deanna Kinney *5 stars*

For almost four years, Kitty Langley has been part of a ‘mean girls’ group called the Bee Hives, the most hated and feared girls at West Windrake High. That is until she witnesses their relentless attack on her former childhood friend. Making a drastic decision, she takes a stand against the dreaded B’s and thus becomes their new enemy and number one target. Now an outcast, not only of the B’s but of the entire school, she will have to pull from her inner strength as she prepares for the persecution she will face in the name of revenge.
Reed Reynolds is not looking for trouble. He just wants to get through his senior year and work on his music in peace. But when he mistakenly kisses Kitty Langley at their annual Masquerade Dance, he is both appalled and intrigued, never having experienced a kiss so powerful. Reed soon finds himself drawn in by this new Kitty and her tolerance for her so called ‘deserved punishment’. But will he endanger himself to defend her against the B’s and the entire school in the name of honor—or more importantly, in the name of love?
A Charity Series Novella, or a stand-alone

   This is one of those books where your like..great Mean Girls.But wait..there is a catch..A Retired mean girl who has remorse after seeing her one of her friends bullied.She stops the head Bee and with that she is cast out of the group.The entire school goes against Kitty and pummels her down.Reed is one of the very few people who helps Kitty and see's her for her real self.
    This is such a wonderful short read.I loved the characters..I had a great respect for Kitty because lets face it..its not easy going from mean girl to nice girl.I loved that DeAnna brought some of the characters from the Charity Moon was nice seeing familiar faces.My favorite thing about this book is the fact that the character makes such a big turnabout.Sometimes you read the back of a book and are like..I can't like that character.No siree.But then you get sucked into the book and realize Kitty's transformation and the punishment she takes from her peers.Definitely worth reading once,twice and three times!

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