Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jenna Roads Stopped By on her Tour!

This giveaway is for people who review the book between now and the 19th of Jan.

This starts today and closes the day after blog tour on Jan. 20, 2013
A winner will be picked on the 20th  via rafflecopter
Win this ring that Logan gave to Isabella in my book a $220 value or take the cash!
This is for readers and bloggers alike. All you have to do is review my book and post
on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews will be verified. Enter your name in the rafflecopter that will be set-up
 for reviews on my blog here: 

Under A Painted Sky

Isabella Reed is a fast-track twenty one year old from a small Florida town. She flees to the Land of Enchantment, Albuquerque, NM, where the beautiful painted skies go on forever and hold hope for a fresh start.
She meets Logan Hayes, a sexy guide who has been hired to show her all the sights of her new city. He shows her much more than that. Something Paranormal happens to Isabella that she is unaware of when touring the Petroglyphs and her life takes a downward spiral into a supernatural captivity that no one will believe except for Logan. He vows to protect her with his life after seeing for himself.


YA/ New Adult Paranormal Romance Author 
I am a Registered Nurse who is now devoting my time to writing fiction, reading, making scrapbooks, taking pictures, traveling and enjoying family and friends. I am a mother of two. When I'm not writing, I'm dreaming up characters for my next book. I love cotton nighties and comfortable shoes. My dream is to one day have an island of my very own where I can hold up there and write until my hearts content.

And Last but not least is the release party on Jan. 9th during the tour with many prizes to be given away.

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