Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shuffle By Avery Bell

So, this is going to be awkward. Coming back to school after your mom commits suicide is no piece of cake, especially when everybody's convinced you've been locked away in a padded cell all summer. Rumors have a habit of springing up instantly at Peaks High, and weird stuff is flying around about the murder my sister's been investigating, that fire up in Oldtown, shenanigans in the boys' locker room after football practice...

And then he had to show up.

Arbor Vitae Damo da Rosa. Pale skin, eyes so dark you can't see his pupils. English accent. Immediately the most popular boy in school. And, this is probably crazy, but I think he might be stalking me. Hey, you don't have to believe me. I was in the loony bin, remember? There's something off about him, in a very Edward Cullen sort of way. But I'm pretty sure he's no vampire. And I definitely don't have a crush on him. (Though... I have to admit, he does look good in those jeans.)

Lately my life's been a huge jigsaw puzzle – one I don't have all the pieces to. I just can't shake the feeling that all of this is connected somehow. I have to figure it out. Because people keep dying...


      Shuffle is a story about a girl Evi who comes back to school after her mother commits suicide.There is a new boy in school named Arbor,He is quite popular,very pale and seems somewhat suspicious.Im having a hard time coming up with the proper words to tell you how I feel about this story.I think the premise for the book was good.But I feel like it never quite happened.
     It feels like there was three different sections of the book rather then one great book that flowed together well.It was quite confusing.First,Evi whose mother just committed suicide was quite perky..she wasnt as depressed as Id expect someone whose mother just committed suicide a few months ago.Second,I had issues with the whole George/Jim love triangle im not sure why that was needed and it totally came out of  left field.Then in like the space of 3 chapters I found out what was going on and the book ended.The book and I just did not mesh well.Perhaps others will enjoy it more then I did.

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