Thursday, July 25, 2013

*REVIEW* Lost Boy By Tara Brown

By Tara Brown
Release Date July 25th 2013

This is the companion novel to The Lonely. It is recommended you read that first. This is HIS POV on the events and how they came to be, how he came to be a LOST BOY.

Being the boy who accidentally shot his sister was hard.
Never being able to find the girl who actually pulled the trigger was worse.
Convinced, through years of relentless therapy, that she was a figment of his trauma and imagination, Eli Adams gave up on her existence.
Until one day a name, bearing remarkable resemblance to the people missing in his life, showed up out of nowhere.
Suddenly he was thrust into a journey that forced him to offer up his soul as payment for the truth.
What he discovered along the way, was that the girl who took his sister's life and his hand, all those years ago, had become the thing he needed to be whole.
Saving her was one thing.
Healing her was another.
Convincing her to love him will be the toughest part of it all.
10 STARS!!!!Okay well due to restrictions I will have to only give it 5 stars
I was given an ARC for an Honest Review.


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How's that for my 90's cheerleader inner self?Tara Brown has written yet another winner.Lost Boy is the companion Novel to The Lonely.It is from Eli's Point of View and should only be read after you read The Lonely.I normally am not a huge fan of these type of books,meaning rewriting the same book in the Males POV.But this is one of those times where I make an exception. In fact,I truly encourage anyone thats read The Lonely to read it and if you haven't read The Lonely..then what the heck are you waiting for?
   Lost Boy is just as gritty as The Lonely obviously.But its edgier since we are dealing with Eli.We also were able to see more of Stuart which I really enjoyed getting to know him better as well.As with all books that are rewritten from the other main characters Point of View..we know what will happen and yet I still found myself worried.I kept telling know what happens.You've read The Lonely.You know what happens.Well Self wasnt listening very well and was still worried about Eli and Sarah.
   This is one of those..can I call it a series?..That will blow you out of the water.Im serious.When I see the books they make into like Why hasn't Tara Brown been contacted?Her books are A-FREAKING AMAZING.Tara Brown honestly has never disappointed me in anything she has written.She is one of the select few authors that I hold close that is able to mesmerize me with their writing.Tara has written other wonderful books that you should check out as well!

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