Saturday, July 27, 2013

*REVIEW* Tripping Me Up By Amber Garza

Tripping Me Up
By Amber Garza
I may not have special powers, but sometimes I think I'm invisible. No one in my high school seems to notice me at all. When they finally do it's because the popular Tripp Bauer accidently smacks me in the face with a wad of paper. Talk about humiliating.
Only now he keeps talking to me. At first it was to apologize, and I figured once I forgave him he'd go away. But he doesn't, and now my feelings for him are starting to grow. And that scares me.
Guys like Tripp Bauer don't fall for girls like me. Or do they?



I Liked this story.It was really cute.I think the summary for the book is good but I think Tripping Me Up will really surprise you and then once you read the book You will understand why.Hadley is a very cute character.I wish she had a bit more confidence but then at that age I believe I was just like her so I can totally relate.I love being able to fully relate to a character.Tripp is every girls high school dream.Who doesn't want the most popular boy to take interest in you when you are both on totally different spectrum's of the social sphere?What grabbed me is how Amber Garza made it so that while Tripp is number one in school he is dealing with some serious issues at home that no one knows about.When he finally comes clean Hadley is there for him in all the ways that matter.Truly loved this story.Job Well done Amber!

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