Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ravens Rose(Charity Series Book 3) By DeAnna Kinney

The last in the Charity Series
#1. Charity Moon
#2. Charity Rising
#3. Raven's Rose

All of your favorite characters return for this final installment in the Charity Series. Follow Levi, Charity, Eli, Raven, and Wesley as they embark on new adventures, including forbidden love, new friendships, vampire battles, the all-too-familiar chaos, and even tragedy. This is Book 3 in the Charity Series and is a collection of novellas that interweave the stories of Raven, Eli, and Wesley. It will make you laugh, cry, hold your breath, and make you wish this beloved series wasn’t over.

I was given an ARC for a Honest Review.

I love when Authors take the time to write about Secondary characters and give them Happy Endings!DeAnna Kinney did just that.She took characters we love and instead of being main characters made them the secondary characters and made the secondary characters Main characters.Does that makes sense?I loved reading about Charity and her babies,Levi,Eli,Wesley and of Course Raven..lets not forget Raven.The whole gang was back.It was like coming back to family.DeAnna weaves such a great story that you are transported right back into the Charity series.Saying goodbye to a beloved series is NEVER easy but DeAnna tying up lose ends and indeed giving us that Happy Ending we all know and love.I as always look forward to what DeAnna has coming next!Give this a read AFTER you have read Charity Moon and Charity Rising.

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