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*BLOG TOUR* Sporadically Inspired By By Ashley Demi

Sporadically Inspired By
By Ashley Demi
Released on July 9th 2013
Published by Entwined Publishing

About the book
Sometimes, in a small community, it can be difficult to find reality in big dreams. Samantha can't wait to get out of town to start her life and move on from sad memories. Morgan isn't learning from the past, and Charlotte may be forced to make a hard choice over following her dreams. It's Cali's story from which the girls find their inspiration. They believe her story is a fictional cult classic that each have read over and over. It encourages them to follow their hearts.

In the end, however, it could be Cali who needs the most help turning her sporadic inspirations into reality. . . again.

Sporadically Inspired By is written in a unique style similar to a screenplay.

 Get to know Ashley better post:
It’s been an amazing journey getting to this point. I’m so excited to have my first book Sporadically Inspired By released on July 9th. For those that don’t know me as well I’d love to share some info about myself. I’ve lived in Indiana my whole live, but dream of one day living in California. I got interested in writing through my love of movies; more specifically after I saw the movie 17 Again (not sure what it was about that movie). I’m afraid of heights, so I’m someone who enjoys the water park more than the amusement park. Those that don’t know me think I’m shy, but I’m not once you get to know me. Listening to music while I’m writing helps inspire me. I’m a total daydreamer. Chocolate is my weakness. I’m a night person, not a morning person. I love talking a walk outside just listening to music; also great if I’m stuck and need a break from writing. God, my family and my friends are my support system. If you know me you know I believe in going after your dreams, and never giving up. I’m grateful to be where I am, and I’m so excited for everyone to read my book. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires you to follow your own dreams.


Ashley Demi


1.Vampire or Werewolf?
Human lol
2.Favorite color?
3.Pet Peeve?
People that think they are better than everyone else
4.Favorite Actor?
Ryan Reynolds and Adam Sandler to name a few 
5.On a Male..Tattoos or no?
Either way
6.Favorite TV show?
I loved Friends and One Tree Hill when they were on TV. But now I'd say Keeping Up With The Kardashians 
7.Favorite Book?
The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
8.Favorite Football Team?
 Carolina Panthers...but I like basketball more and my fav basketball team is the LA Clippers 
9.How do you feel about Squirrels?
     Don't really have an opinion lol
10.Do you turn the Radio off when you get lost in your car?
     Yes lol

We here at Le'BookSquirrel are somewhat concerned that Ashley has no opinion on Squirrels.We Happen to be very PRO-SQUIRRELS.Must bring her to the dark side..we have cookies..

About the Author
The story of my life is one that’s still being written, it’s about a girl named Ashley that had to go through a few chapters before she learned how she wanted to live the rest of the story. I could take you through moment after moment that got me to where I am now; in fact I’d have to take you through every single one. So instead I’ll just give you some highlights. Around May 2009 after seeing 17 Again at the movies it inspired me to pick up writing. I couldn’t tell you what it was about that one movie that was different from the tons of others I had fallen in love with over the years that finally shined light on what I had been trying to figure out since I was first asked what I wanted to be when I grew up; but there it was…my dream realized. It’s funny how after you reach that moment, you can’t believe you didn’t think of it sooner…I’ve loved movies since I was a kid and played The Little Mermaid on repeat, and had always been a daydreamer who loved coming up with a good story. I started writing my ideas in script format for movies and then decided to try one of my ideas as a book.
I’m just a girl from a small town with a big dream. Classic story…think you’ve heard it a thousand times…well I’d like to think mine’s unique. Maybe not extreme or extravagant to everyone; but to me…to me it’s a fairy tale. Oh don’t get me wrong it’s also a comedy, a horror film (you know how bad hair days can be lol), one with action, love, tears, and inspiration…but it’s my story, and it’s one of kind.
I use to think dreams were…well just that, dreams; nothing but thoughts and wishes that you kept stored away for a day you didn’t know would come or not. But then I thought why should it be like that? Seemed like a tragedy really, to keep all my dreams in my head instead of experiencing them for real. So instead I decided I wanted to live my dreams and make them my reality…make them my ‘normal’…if there is such a thing a normal lol. It won’t be easy, who knows where it will take me, or how long it will take to get there…but I can promise one thing…it’ll be one amazing ride!
Forever Inspired
Ashley Demi
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