Thursday, July 11, 2013

*REVIEW*Scorched Treachery By Rebecca Ethington

Scorched Treachery
By Rebecca Ethington
Release Date:July 12 2013

While Joclyn is trapped in the tormenting hell of Cail’s mind, the battle around her only continues to grow and spread.
Edmund has infiltrated the underground hallways of Prague, guiding the massacre that would end the lives of the last of the great magical race. In her attempts to stop him, Wynifred has been captured and her magic restrained. Chained up in the ancient dungeons of Prague, her fate is left in the hands of her father, who has tried to kill her before.
With Ryland’s screams and Sain’s fragmented sights as her only company, Wyn must rely on something that has been hidden deep inside of her for centuries to help them break free.
Ilyan’s whole life has been building up to one purpose. Protect the Silnỳ. He knows what he must do, and he has no doubt in his ability to do so.
But when his father’s magic removes Joclyn’s mind from her body, he is left protecting the shell of the one person he loves. Desperate to find a way to break her free of her prison, he makes a choice. And that one choice changes everything.
Now, Ilyan finds himself bound to Joclyn in a way that he never knew to be possible.
They say that blood is thicker than water, but Black Water burns, and Ilyan’s heart may not be strong enough to keep it pumping through his veins and give the girl he loves back into his brother’s care.
Even if he can, it may not be safe to do so.

Scorched Treachery is the third book in The Imdalind Series

Clean Young-Adult Paranormal Romance
Language: Low
Violence: Moderate
Sexual Content: Low to None


I Received an ARC for an Honest Review.

  Scorched Treachery is Book 3 in the Imdalind series.This is Very similar to Eyes of Ember as it is From Wyn and Ilyan's Point of Views.While it is similar it is also very different.You may wonder why exactly did she choose to write this book now rather then later and not go straight to the next part of the series.Well let me be the first to tell you this was needed.There is so much going on that We,The Readers were not able to delve into in Eyes of Ember.The Horrors Wyn will face will be eye opening.Ryland is going to shock you and Ilyan..Your going to fall even more in love with him by being able to get to know him better and get inside his head.The amazing thing is Scorched Treachery is able to be its entirely own book rather then like say a Novella or something like that.There is So very much that is eye opening and Jaw dropping.Fans of the series are going to love it.
  Im not at liberty to write spoilers as I don't want anger any Imdalind fanatics.I will say that Rebecca has written a Wonderful story that delves deeper and shows us sometimes things are not as easy as 1-2-3.Joclyn almost plays a secondary role in Scorched Treachery as She is Cail's Mind for most of Scorched Treachery..But never fear I said Most.Not all.
  I truly Hope,when reading this you will see the true Gem that is Scorched Treachery.How well written and Eloquent it is.I have a great respect for an Author who would take the time to write a story such a this one so we are able to find out so much more of what Wyn,Ryland and Ilyan went through while we were in Joclyn's mind in Eyes of Ember.Congratulation's Rebecca on your Release of Scorched Treachery and Thank You for your ability to write such a Masterpiece that is the Imdalind Series.

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