Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'll be Here-Autumn Doughton

For the past two years, Willow James has been building the perfect life--a life that centers around Dustin Rant, her dimpled, sports-car-driving, cologne-wearing boyfriend. Willow and Dustin have lots of plans. Plans for college, prom, tonight actually. So, when the unthinkable happens, and Dustin breaks up with Willow over a plate of cheese fries at a steak house, she is left stunned and heartbroken.

With less than two months until graduation, Willow has to start a new life from scratch. She'll have to revisit old wrongs along the way and make the most important decision of all: who does she want to be? She’s going to have help from her wacky ex-best friend, her bohemian mother, and an old flame that is suddenly and somewhat inconveniently back in her life.

   First off.Can I just say Autumn Doughton You Rock.Seriously. I'll Be Here is a Story about finding yourself,losing your love and finding love.Willows boyfriend,Dustin,dumps her..and by the way he totally doesnt deserve her. Willow is heartbroken but she will find out who her friends are,find new ones and new love.
   I absolutely adored this book,If im not mistaken this is the Debut Novel by Autumn Doughton.I hope this will not be the last.She has made a fan of me.I was attached to the kindle all night long.My only issue with the story was that it had to end.However,Perhaps there will be a sequel in the future?Hint Hint?I adore Willow,her friends and of course Alex.I would have loved to have a bit more interaction between them but there is plenty in the book..I just loved them.Take a chance and I hope you will love it as much as I did.

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