Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cover and Summary of Reckless by Elle Casey

Cover reveal.... RECKLESS, the sequel to WRECKED, coming in December. :) Add it to your Goodreads shelf today!

** The much anticipated sequel to WRECKED, the story of four teenagers from different ends of the social spectrum who were castaways on an island together before finally making it back home ... only to be thrown back into high school life with completely different perspectives than they had before. Will they fall into the same traps or forge new paths for themselves? Follow Kevin, Candi, Sarah, and Jonathan as they move into their future - always hopeful, often uncertain, and sometimes even ... RECKLESS. **


I cannot wait to read this!!Ive been waiting for it ever since I finished Wrecked!

So go pick up Wrecked to read while you wait over on Amazon HERE

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