Monday, May 7, 2012

Re:Becca- D A Cooper

If technology was helping you stay one step ahead of the school bullies, what would you do if you were suddenly disconnected?

Becca thinks her life is over but could it be about to start?

**REVIEW**Possible spoilers

   This book has me at mixed emotions.I liked it and at the same time I didnt.So this book takes place somewhere I want to say England?Im not sure exactly.In fact im not even sure how old the main characters are other then they are in high school.Becca and Liberty are the main Characters,Well the ones you read the most about. What happens is Becca seems to have gotten into trouble at school and her parents take away all of her electronic type items;i.e phone,internet etc.She has to learn to cope without them "see the world without them".
   I really had issues with this book...the synopsis sounded great and I think I can see where the Author wanted to go.One of my big issues was I had a hard time with the dialogue,It was hard to follow...some of the wording was written in a way that unless you are from that neck of the woods so to speak you are unable to follow it.I felt the story at times didnt flow well.I sometimes felt as though we went from Point A to Point C prior to landing at Point B.While I enjoyed the story,Becca's constant dialogue whether it be in her head or her talking was somewhat annoying.I wanted to tell her to just take a breath!Breath girl!Her inability to talk to people was hard to read as well.It also could have used a bit more romance.The ending was cute..I'll give it that.I just felt we had to wait way to long for it to happen and the ending was rushed a bit. Re:Becca is Currently Free and you can get it  HERE at Amazon.

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