Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Evolution-Michelle Mankin

Nineteen year old Avery Jones can play the guitar as well as any guy. Better Even.

Brutal Strength, one of the biggest bands around, needs a new lead guitarist.

Seems like the perfect fit, except for one big problem. Temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony won't allow a woman in his band.

Read Love Evolution, a rock 'n roll adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
**REVIEW**Possible spoilers

   This book totally Rocks!No pun intended!Having never read Twelfth Night,but being familiar with a girl dressing as a guy to get a part/something I am familiar with.This book is about Avery Jones who dresses as a boy to get into a band.Marcus has hang ups about women that being his main reasoning for not allowing a woman into the band Brutal Strength.
    While this book was very enjoyable,I did have a few hang ups about it.I felt like we had so much of of Avery as a boy and Marcus knowing her as a boy that I did not get to know her as Avery the girl.I would have liked to know Avery the girl.I also had issues with how new characters were brought into the book at the end and we were taken to their point of was a bit of a distraction for me.I personally did not feel the book needed them to have their point of view in it.Last but not least.My biggest issue with the book was the ending,It felt rushed.Im not going to lie..I think Marcus's speech could have been a bit more mature sounding,If that makes sense.Like he professes to love Avery,but if she is with another character thats okay.No thats not okay Marcus..if you are professing your love it is NOT okay.I will say though that Marcus in the end was awesome!
     Finally,While I did have personal issues with this book I thoroughly enjoyed it.Definitely a must read from a new author that shows a lot of potential!I look forward to reading more of her books..perhaps a sequel?Hint Hint!!!Keep up the great work Michelle Mankin!

If you want to purchase Love Evolution you can purchase it HERE on Amazon. Happy Reading!

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