Tuesday, November 12, 2013

*Happy Release Day!* More Than Words by Jess Dee

                      More Than Words by Jess Dee

He’s just seen the one thing that was meant for her eyes only.
More ThanBook 3
Molly Harris never intended to send that letter. It was only meant to be a secret record of her true feelings for her bossgorgeous pediatrician Sam Shepard. But in the chaos of a crazy day at workMolly accidentally hits “send” instead of “delete”.
Mortified by her mistakeMolly acts in the only way she can. She submits her notice of resignation. A professional-etiquette line’s been crossedand there’s no going back.
Sam’s mouth goes dry—then it waters—when he discovers his receptionist has sent him a dirty love letter. Or to be more explicita wickederotic love letterneatly outlining her many fantasies involving him.
Now Sam has two choices. Either he can be the ultimate professional and accept Molly’s resignationor he can acknowledge the depths of his desire and maybejust maybeconvince her to send him another saucy email…
Warning: Could cause the uncontrollable urge to write—and receive—dirty love letters. But proceed with caution…you’re going to want to act on those letters. Immediately.
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