Tuesday, August 13, 2013

*REVIEW* Sun Poisoned(The Sunshine Series #2)

Sun Poisoned(The Sunshine Series #2)
By Nikki Rae
Sophie’s life has changed. She’s moved to New York, she’s playing music for new people, and she’s making new friends. Then there’s Myles, and the fact that he is now her boyfriend—and everyone knows it. There are a lot of new things to take in, but Sophie has no problem adjusting. 

She’s not exactly normal, living in a half-human, half-vampire world, but she’s finally, truly happy. But some parts of Sophie and Myles’ old life still hide in the dark, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Sophie’s having nightmares again, but they aren’t about her; Myles is hiding something that she’s not sure she wants to know.

And one lie will change everything.

No matter how hard she tries to cover up the marks her monsters have left behind, they never truly go away, and Myles’ monsters are no different.

Once again, Sophie’s caught between life and death, but this time, only she can save herself.

   For you to understand Sun Poisoned you are going to definitely need to read Sunshine,Book one in the series.I found Sun Poisoned to be of a faster pace then its Predecessor Sunshine.This story is an emotional roller coaster.From the beginning your brought to New York City with Sophie's Band playing at Myles friend Evan's Club.Be prepared for some big changes in characters.Im still not sure how I feel about Evan.

  I think my main issue with the book was its fast pace and some of the lack of background on what was happening with Sophie towards the end.I wanted it to slow down a small bit so I could process everything going on.We went from one major even in the book to another major event to another very quickly.I needed time to be able to process what was going on.BUT other then that I really loved it.I like how the book plays out.I am on my seats edge waiting for Sun Damaged.Im hoping things that I thought might be broken aren't quiet as broken as they appeared.Im also hoping Myles and Sophie and a huge heart to heart.I have to say Im really enjoying Nikki's writing style and her way with words.I am definitely on a countdown to when Sun Damaged will be released!

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