Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love Rubi(censored version)-Eveli Acosta

 Rubi's life wasn't perfect. Whose is? But right before she starts the 6th grade her long standing best friend ditches her. She has a hard time accepting it but we see how strong her spirit is and her strength follows her when she needs it the most. Rubi's life and everything she understands about family and friendships changes once she's in high school. She is faced with having to make new friends and realizes that popularity isn't worthwhile. Rubi understands that she has to grow up fast to make it on her own. She tries to fill the absence of family with a relationship and she jumps into a relationship that ends badly before she truly understands what real love is.
Rubi's life leads her into finding the right friends and the right boy to love. Learning lifelong lesson's along the way. All of which is an adventure that she will never forget.

  First off let me say I highly dislike writing negative reviews...I debated for awhile whether to write this review or not.I came to the conclusion that I had to.From what I gather Rubi the main character has a hard life and you first meet her in the 6th grade and somewhat watch her grow up,
  What can I say honestly about this book other then how confusing it was and my gosh the drama.When I read a book I enjoy reading one that takes me away from life and lets me hop into the book.With this book I wanted to get out as quickly as I could.My major issues with the book are as follows.Number 1,I am not the author so I have no idea what is going on in the Authors when vital information is left out and I am left trying to figure out how something went from point A to Point C without going to Point B first its very very confusing.I got so tired of reading the story and reading so many inconsistencies,random things happening and feeling like I had been left out of the loop. Number 2,When your writing a book that deals with issues like parental abandonment do Not just brush over it or have the main character be so stupid to not even know what is going on.Come on...The girl was abandoned by her whole family and she doesn't know why?Number 3,How many "relationships" does one girl need?She sleeps with one hour later another guy..then in the next paragraph she is in love with another one.Then 2 chapters later she is with another guy etc...its like a revolving door.Last but not many errors..honestly I don't enjoy being nitpicky about errors..they happen..not a big deal.However my issues are with grammar.I also had a hard time reading when the characters were speaking Spanish and then right under the Spanish sentences in parenthesis was the English meaning.There were so many random things happening in the book.It was so frustrating that I gave up on it.

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