Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Top NO Particular order

Some of my top reads this past year...I know I havent listed them all.But here are a few.They are and I no particular order..I couldn't even begin to attempt to pick number slots.If you haven't had the joy of reading these books..what are You waiting for?Read them!Let me know if you liked them!I LOVE hearing from You!

Beautiful Disaster-Jamie Mcquire
Flat out Love-Jessica Park
That Boy-Jillian Dodd
That Wedding-Jillian Dodd
The Ocean-Mia Castile
Becoming A Butterfly-Mia Castile
Providence-Jamie McQuire
Untouchable-Lindsay Delagair
Geek Girl-Cindy C Bennett
Heart on a Chain-Cindy C Bennett
Sophie and Carter-Chelsea Fine
Cross My Heart by Katie Klein
Pride and Popularity-Jenni James
Sweetness(Bold as Love Series)-Lindsay Paige
The Vincent Boys-Abbi Glines
The Vincent Brothers-Abbi Glines
Breathe-Abbi Glines
Stained-Ella James
Branded(Fall of Angels Series)-Keary Taylor
Jessie Kirby-In Honor
Saving You,Saving Me-Kailin Gow

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  1. I've read a lot of those books. I liked most of them. You should check out my blog, we have a lot of common interest in books.

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