Friday, January 10, 2014

AUTHOR PSA:Dear Authors...Have you Heard?

 you might want to check out Miss Literati ( for your work under someone else's name.

Authors you can search for passages of your books on Google (using quotes around the text) and it will likely pop up if someone has plagiarized it. Avoid proper names in case--as in this instance--the names were changed.
I know I know I felt this way when I found out about it this morning.

Le'BookSquirrel has heard that several Author's woke up this morning to find that their hard earned writings had been stolen by thieves using their work. I HIGHLY suggest you mosey on over to that site and make sure your work isn't over there under someone else's name.I know it's a daunting task but better safe than sorry.

I despise hearing this happen. Plagiarizers are like termites.No thats insulting the termite.They are like scum at the bottom of the earth.You do NOT take someone else's work and use it as your own. EVER. It is NEVER right.Don't be that person.

I will be keeping a lookout on this site to help author's out. Please I urge you to check and see if your work is over there being used.

Don't Mess with MY Authors!!!!I've got your back!

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  1. Love the post, Peggy! Thanks so much for helping spread the word to protect authors.