Monday, September 30, 2013

*REVIEW* Collateral Damage By Jasmine and Genna Denton

 September 28, 2013
The healing continues in this exciting sequel... 

The arrival of Kelly's stepsister shakes things up, both in her home and her support group. 
Alex strives to define himself outside of sports, and starts by forming a relationship with Kay. 
Trouble at home causes Kay to avoid it as much as possible, until a blowout finally forces her to make a change. 
Meagan's continues to unravel. It seems like there's no end to Seth's harassment. But help from an unlikely source will finally restore her freedom. 
The past comes back to haunt Ryder once again, and this time it could completely ruin his relationship with Meagan. 
A revelation causes Gage to make a much-needed change. Will he finally let Kelly in? 
New character Kendall comes with a lot of baggage, surprising connections to the characters, and a dark secret. 
When a patient goes into crisis, Daphne risks her job to help. 

Things at the Discover-U Center are changing, but one thing remains the same. Healing is a painful process.




  Collateral Damage is the Third book in the From The Damage Series By Jasmine and Genna Denton.The Series Follows a group of teenagers who are in a teen counseling group.Each of these teens are dealing with some serious issues and this series follows how the teens are growing and dealing with the issues they face.We are again greeted with the familiar faces of Kelly,Gage,Alex,Meagan,Ryder,Seth,Kelly's Stepsister Kendall and last but not least Daphne who is the Counselor. 
   Without going into too much detail as I detest giving out Spoilers I will say You need to read Opposites Attract and Coming Clean prior to reading Collateral Damage.Technically you could read it alone..and I say that somewhat disagreeing with myself BUT if you do that be prepared to be missing quite a bit of the back stories of the characters and why they are the way they are.This book was an emotional read and very well written.You will welcome all the characters back with a hug.There will be Characters that tick you off,Some will make you want to cry.I would highly recommend this book to teens and adults of all ages who enjoy Young Adult books.The writing flows extremly smoothly with at least 7 different characters.WHAT DID SHE SAY?SEVEN CHARACTER POINTS OF VIEWS?Yes I did.Its takes  strong authors to pull of SEVEN (GASP) Character point of Views,But they did it and did it well.This is not the end of the series and I am eagerly awaiting seeing what the future has in store for the teens.Overall this was an excellent read and VERY worthy of 5 stars.

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