Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Time Mends(Timber Wolves book 2)-Tammy Blackwell 5 STARS

After a tragic accident leaves her battered, heartbroken, and alone, Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality. But things are changing quickly in Scout's life. Soon she's pulled back into the world of Shifters and Seers, with her best friend's fate depending on Scout's ability to protect her. Can Scout pull it together in time to save Talley, or is the past too much to overcome?

This is the 2nd book in the Timber Wolves Series.Change is the primary happening in this book.I want to say I see a bit of New Moon from the Twilight series in it,In the Way Scout Grieves. Time Mends like Destiny Binds had me attached at the hip to this story.I was so glad to see that all the characters were back and not to many new ones were added until later on in the story.Without giving to much away,Scout really grows up and shows her strength when the odds are stacked against her.I am in utter throw the kindle across the room phase as the book came to an end.Im very eagerly awaiting Book 3 Fate Succumbs,I must know the fate of certain characters and the future of others.Job Well Done.Brava Tammy Blackwell.You did it again.I could truly see this becoming a movie.

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